Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Introduction

Since mid-January, I've been meeting with four guys in our youth group on Tuesdays at 5:30am in my office to study the book of Mark together. It's been a real good time. The plan was to meet at 6am, but I told them if they wanted coffee to come at 5:30am...they came at 5:30am! So, I've been making them mochas with our tired espresso machine.

The desire to meet with these guys was birthed during some quiet time I was having with the Lord one morning.  While I was studying, I felt the Lord speak to me to meet regularly with one of our student leaders.  Martin (22) has been mentoring a couple of guys in our youth group for a while now and has not had the opportunity to have someone mentor him on a weekly basis.  So, I invited him to come and study the book of Mark with me.  Then, I thought about his brother Ruben (17) who was meeting with me last summer and Julio (18) who previously was meeting with me also but had some spiritual set-backs, got discouraged, and no longer wanted to meet together (probably because of the accountability issue).  So now, before we even started studying together, the meeting was with Martin, Ruben, and Julio.  I also felt led to invite Julio's brother Gollo (16) who has never had the opportunity to meet with anyone on a weekly basis.  This was a great opportunity to develop a better relationship with all of them.

The purpose of the meeting is two-fold:  1-so that their hunger for God and His Word grows and 2-so that they would have an anxiousness to share with others about God and His Word.

I will be posting from time to time what we've been learning.  Feel free to comment and follow along with us as we grow together.  We have been meeting for two months now and we just finished chapter one.

In the meantime, check out Mark 10:45 as a main verse for the whole book.  What does it say about Jesus?  What kind of characteristics do we see in him?


  1. 5:30 AM?! Wow, praise God! I suppose He would want us to work around the clock for his glory and purposes! The Garguile's (owner of Noah's Ark in W. Bremerton) kindly opens his restaurant at 5:30 AM on Mondays for a men's Bible study too.

  2. Hey that sounds great! I was actually pleasantly surprised that these guys wanted to show up so early. I love it when the students show that they're willing to discipline themselves. They're being blessed for their sacrifice and they are really into it.