Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chapter Three...Relationships (Part Two)

Towards the Crowds...(7-12)

The thing that really jumped out at all of us while talking about this passage was how many people there were and what happened to them after Jesus touched them?

Lots of people showed up from many different places.  That's great, but what happened to them after Jesus touched them?  After they got what they wanted?

What happens to us after Jesus touches us?  After we get what we "want"?  What are our true motives for following Jesus?  

It appears as though Jesus is willing to touch all who come to him, even if they are coming out of their own convenience.  How should we treat those that do the same with us?

The relationship that Jesus had with the crowd was not a deep relationship, but he loved them and touched their lives anyway.  For lack of a better word, the relationship was "superficial."

What is your relationship with Jesus?

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