Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Revelation of the Truth

The guys have been working a lot lately so they have not been able to come in the past couple of weeks.

As I continue to study Mark chapter 8, I see it becoming a transition in the book. It seems that the previous chapters have been working up to this moment. As you read the chapter, it starts with indirect teaching by Jesus, but using his surroundings to teach the truth. Then, right in the middle of the chapter is the progressive healing of the blind man. Then, it goes back to Jesus teaching them truth, but now it's direct. In a sense, he's showing that the Revelation of Truth is our lives is gradual; it's a process. Jesus waited until this point to speak directly into the lives of the disciples because he knew they probably wouldn't be able to accept it before. The chapter ends with one of the most direct explanations of what it means to really follow Jesus. It looks as if the Revelation of Truth is a process.

We'll continue to look at Mark 8 in the weeks to come, but this is a glimpse of what I've gathered so far.

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